Publisher Doug Davis decided to run for Lamar City Council and was elected, which created some logistical problems for the newspaper.


Students just need an ordinary clothes hanger. The body of the hanger is used to identify the book and the cards on the strings dangling below are filled with information like characters, setting, and a summary.


Dodecahedron Students flip out for this cool ball-shaped book report. SO much information can be covered on the 12 panels. This one allows students to take a deep dive in a Book way. Stellated Dodecahedron This 3D project is a little more complicated than the ball described above, but just imagine the constellation of stars hanging from your classroom ceiling after the students present their report!

Instead of simply decorating each panel as shown above, students can write important facts and information on each surface when it is flat, of course then construct their story star.

Paper Bag Book This clever book report is made from ordinary paper bags. Stack the paper bags on top of each other, fold in half, and staple the closed off ends of the bags together.

Students can write, draw, and decorate on the paper bag pages.

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They can also glue information on writing or drawing paper onto the pages. The open ends of the bags can be used as pockets to insert photos, cut-outs, postcards or other flat items that help them tell their story.New book: The Betrayal of the Scorpion and Poet.

Discover the cover-up of the sinking of two U.S. ships during the Cold War: the USS Scorpion, a nuclear-powered submarine. and the SS Poet.

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a U.S.-flagged Merchant Marine vessel. The Book of Life contents the fate of every sinner.

Nov 19,  · Ripoff Report Corporate Advocacy Business Remediation and Customer Satisfaction Program is a program that benefits the consumer, assuring them of complete satisfaction and confidence when doing business with a member business. For more information, visit . Cereal box book report: Draw a new cover for the book on one side of the box, give the main idea, main characters and a summary on the other side, give your opinion about the book on a side Find this Pin and more on Cereal Box Book Reports by Jen M R. Exoskeleton Report: Exoskeleton News and Resources Web Site.

Ten days later, at Yom Kippur, depending on whether the sinner repents or not, his fate is sealed. On Rosh Hashanah it is inscribed. Nov 19,  · In my log book I also keep gun and range information, range directions, driving times and distances, motels, contact people, malfunction rates for my autos, special reload performances, shooting gear performance and all sorts of other stuff.

BOOK REVIEW: Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon: Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops & The Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream by Dave McGowan (Headpress) Back in the summer of , a few weeks after writing a 40th anniversary review of the psychedelic cult film Head, featuring The Monkees, I got a weird email from a reader who suggested I check out a website by a guy named Dave McGowan and his .

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