Jews essay

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Jews essay

Select network This is a sample collection of short history essays on Jewish history and the ways in which Jewish groups have dealt with various aspects of their history.

Jews essay

Additionally, Jews were still able to secure prominent positions with Kings, leaders and other influential people in society. Firstly, when the Christian church came to power, there were surely hardships in Jews essay of massacres and expulsions.

Many early Christians believed war was a justified response to non-Christian religions. Forcing Jews to convert or face the consequences was indicative of sadness and oppression. By the early middle ages and modern era, Jews were continuously expelled from various regions of Europe and forced to migrate to the Ottoman Empire.

Most notably, the Spanish expulsion of the Iberian Peninsula marked a clear point in history that reflected the suffering of the Jewish people as a whole.

Jews not the only oppressed minority Despite this, the Jews were also subjected to the same hardships that many other minorities faced. Incidentally, many Jews chose to practice their faith in private. This was a common facet of a period in history that was focused on religious practices as a means for judging others.

The Crusades were not specifically against the Jews; instead, Jews were merely victims of being in a time and place where it was not safe for them. While this does not justify the actions against Jews as not being serious, it does reflect the fact that the Jews were not the sole victims in the ordeal.

Also, the way in which the Christian church operated was also focused on expunging heresy among itself. For that reason, many Christians also suffered in the same way that Jews did.

Not all Jews treated the same Also, the Jewish experience could be labeled as persistence and determination, a much more Jews essay outlook on historical events.

While Jewish history is filled with anti-semitic attacksit is worthy to note that many Jews did enjoy powerful positions within ruling bodies.

Many examples from Jewish history illustrate that dominance in the financial sector did offer advantages that many other minorities did not have. The services that they offered and networks they formed proved to be a formidable presence.

While many other minorities simply changed their fate and assimilated into new civilizations, the Jews held their beliefs with vigor through almost every instance of expulsion and hardship. Ultimately, Jews had the option to change their faith and abandon their traditions but many chose to remain Jewish.

For these reasons, the triumphant story of Jewish perseverance cannot be solely labeled as lachrymose. Jewish history as enduring and venerable While many adjectives can be ascribed to the general course of Jewish history, it can surely be labeled as enduring. Throughout the latter course of the Roman Empire, the Jews were subjected to persecution and expulsion at the hands of Christians who were backed up by the most powerful army in the world.

Surely, this was a formidable opponent that had seen the demise of many other nations in Europe. The Jewish revolts of CE exemplified the extensive means by which Christians used their manpower to annihilate the Jewish faith in Rome. Even with the Byzantine era, emperors like Theodosius and Justinian oversaw long-term strategic approaches to getting rid of the Jewish faith and undermining the livelihood that Jews made through finance and administrative work.

To survive such concentrated efforts on behalf of powerful nations represents a true form of endurance over the long-haul. Jewish faith has many labels Since the Jews did not have the resources to amass large armies or fight in the traditional sense, they relied on migrations and other means of survival.

The sheer resourcefulness that this demonstrated is indicative of an enduring group of people that were not welcomed in most of the places they inhabited. After the expulsion of Jews from France, England, and Germany, it would have made more practical sense for the people to adopt different faiths in order to finally settle and live lives without oppression.

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However, Jews persisted in passing their traditions and faith to children that were born and raised in turbulent times.

While those children had the option to choose another faith, many of them endured the injustice in order to carry on what previous generations had established. For those reasons, Jewish history can be labeled as enduring.

Also, Jewish history can be labeled as being venerable in the purest form. By definition, venerable stands for terms like respected, sacred, honorable and dignified. The basis of this term implies that the people who embrace the label have gone through formidable challenges in order to achieve it.

The main reason that the Jews are venerable in their existence is because they have overcome extremely dire tests of faith in the worst circumstances possible. For instance, the relationship with the Muslims is of much significance in this case.

While Jews fought side by side with Muslims during the Crusades to defend the Holy Landthey were later expelled from Moorish Spain by the same people that they helped defend. Given the fact that this represents a clear betrayal on behalf of the Muslims, it does exemplify the way in which Jews did honor the value of faith, even when it came to enemies and allies.

There were almost no instances in Jewish history where the Jews imposed archaic or unethical means of imposing their practices onto others. In fact, they helped defend other faiths that were subjected to the same treatment.

Also, Jewish history can be labeled as venerable because of the way in which their structures and synagogues had to be rebuilt over and over.These are alarming times for Jews in Britain and Europe. The British Labour Party is convulsed over the realization that it is riddled with antisemitism.

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The "traditional" view is that Eastern European Jews descend almost entirely from French and German Jews. This essay presents the pros and cons of the controversial "Khazar theory" of Eastern European Jewish origins and will attempt to provide a likely middle-ground solution to the question.

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