Sales and distribution management of amul

History of Credit co-op society in India The Rochdale Pioneers Co-operatives started out as small grass roots organizations in Western Europe, North America and Japan in the middle of the last century, however, the it is the Rochdale Pioneers that is regarded as the prototype of the modern co-operative society and the founders of the Co-operative Movement. In a group of 28 artisans working in the cotton mills in the town of Rochdale, in the north of England established the first modern co-operative business, the Rochdale Equitable Pioneers Society photo. The weavers faced miserable working conditions and low wages, and they could not afford the high prices of food and household goods. They decided that by pooling their scarce resources and working together they could access basic goods at a lower price.

Sales and distribution management of amul

Buffalo milk has 3. Fresh pasteurized milk is available in packaged form. However, a large part of milk consumed in India is not pasteurized, and is sold in loose form by vendors.

Sterilized milk is scarcely available in India. The per capita availability of milk in India has grown from gm per person per day in to gm in and gm in This is expected to increase to gms for However a large part of the population cannot afford milk.

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At this per capita consumption it is below the world average of gm and even less than gm recommended by the Nutritional Advisory Committee of the Indian Council of Medical Research. There are regional disparities in production and consumption also.

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The per capita availability in the north is gm, west gm, south gm and in the east only 93 gm per person per day. This disparity is due to concentration of milk production in some pockets and high cost of transportation.

Also the output of milk in cereal growing areas is much higher than elsewhere which can be attributed to abundant availability of fodder, crop residues, etc which have a high food value for milch animals. In India about 46 per cent of the total milk produced is consumed in liquid form and 47 per cent is converted into traditional products like cottage butter, ghee, paneer, khoya, curd, malai, etc.

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Only 7 per cent of the milk goes into the production of western products like milk powders, processed butter and processed cheese.

Among the milk products manufactured by the organized sector some of the prominent ones are ghee, butter, cheese, ice creams, milk powders, malted milk food, condensed milk infants foods etc. Still, several consumers in urban areas prefer to buy loose milk from vendors due to the strong perception that loose milk is fresh.

Also, the current level of processing and packaging capacity limits the availability of packaged milk. The preferred dairy animal in India is buffalo unlike the majority of the world market, which is dominated by cow milk.

Quality of milk sold by unorganized sector however is inconsistent and so is the price across the season in local areas. Also these vendors add water and caustic soda, which makes the milk unhygienic.

India's dairy market is multi-layered. It's shaped like a pyramid with the base made up of a vast market for low-cost milk. The bulk of the demand for milk is among the poor in urban areas whose individual requirement is small, maybe a glassful for use as whitener for their tea and coffee.

Nevertheless, it adds up to a sizable volume - millions of litres per day. In the major cities lies an immense growth potential for the modern sector. Presently, barely out of 3, cities and towns are served by its milk distribution network, dispensing hygienically packed wholesome, quality pasteurized milk.

History of Credit co-op society in India

According to one estimate, the packed milk segment would double in the next five years, giving both strength and volume to the modern sector.

The narrow tip at the top is a small but affluent market for western type milk products. Growing Volumes The effective milk market is largely confined to urban areas, inhabited by over 25 per cent of the country's population. An estimated 50 per cent of the total milk produced is consumed here.

By the end of the twentieth century, the urban population is expected to increase by more than million to touch million in a growth of about 40 per cent. The expected rise in urban population would be a boon to Indian dairying.Hybrid Cloud Security. Secure your virtual and cloud environments without performance compromises.

Network Defense. Detect, analyze, adapt and respond to targeted attacks before damage is done. The Rochdale Pioneers. Co-operatives started out as small grass roots organizations in Western Europe, North America and Japan in the middle of the last century, however, the it is the Rochdale Pioneers that is regarded as the prototype of the modern co-operative society .

A cooperative (also known as co-operative, co-op, or coop) is "an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise".

Sales and distribution management of amul

Cooperatives may include: businesses owned and managed by the people who use their services (a consumer cooperative).

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